Setting Floors up

At the start of a brand new game, you have access to a single floor where you can construct up to 9 areas populated by zombies, traps, monsters and rare items. Left click in an empty cell to create a new area. The deeper the floor, the more resources are needed for its creation. Area creation consumes 10 Bones on the first floor and each additional floor requires 10 additional Bones per floor.

Left click to select floor.
Right click to change the floor's element
Mouse Scroll up/down to select the floor above/below

Area Display

Each area's core information is displayed on the main screen. For detailed information, and to make changes to an area, left click to edit the selected area. Right click will remove items and monsters from the area.

  • Floor Down: area contains stairs to one level lower
  • Floor Up: area contains stairs to one level higher
  • Zombie: number of zombies in the area / total available spots for zombies (maximum 9 zombies per area)
  • Trap Lv: current level of trap, if one has been set
  • Monster: Name, level and HP bar of monster placed in the area
  • Item: Name of rare item placed in the area
  • Enemy Progress: Dots representing heroes currently in the area

Editing an Area

Click on an Area, or create one by choosing Create OK if it is empty, and you can edit the following area details:

Create:  Build stairs to go up or down a floor level.  If an Area already has stairs, Delete button will be shown.
TrapLv:  Click to set a trap and to increase or decrease the trap's level (between 0 to 9)
Create Zombie:  Add up to 9 zombies per Area.  Zombie's are an Area's basic line of defense against invading heroes.  Place them and set their ability (Atk versus Def) as desired.
Select Item:  Open the Item screen and select the item you wish to place.
Select Monster:  Open Monster Mix and select a monster you wish to place.

Items have specific properties which are explained in the items list.
Monsters benefit from same type floor and rare item in the area. Visit Monsters section for more details.